Freely Skydiving Suit Rainbow Series RB-05 Skyexsuits

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Freefly Skydiving Jumpsuit RB-07
  • 4-ply TaslanCordura and Schoeller Windproof Spandex.
  • Windproof YKK zipper on torso and inside pocket.
  • Mesh lining on torso, arms and legs.
  • Windproof spandex articulations on back, side torso, front (upper chest outer boundary), ankle, crotch, above knees
  • Lot of flexible areas to ensure better fitting.
  • Inside chest pocket.
  • Knees and seat in Cordura.
  • Double stitched seams with bonded thread.
  • Reinforcement in key areas for extra durability.
  • Choice of tight, medium, loose fit.
  • Optimized for Skydiving and Tunnel flying.
  • Available in any sizes (Customized sizing is acceptable), color, logos, labels or graphics with your desired Personalization.
  • Fees apply for logos, labels and graphics on the suit