Shipping FAQ'S

Q1: How long it would take for me to receive the parcel?

Well, we need 3 weeks handling time. But its the maximum stretched time estimation. And it depends on the back orders per month. We may dispatch your Flight suit earlier. May be in 8 days or 2 weeks. Again depending on the situation. But maximum is 3 weeks. Not more than that.

Q2: Which Courier you'll use to ship the item?

We use DHL, FedEx, UPS (Only Express Delivery). Because, we've already took 3 weeks handling time. We don't want our customers to wait more than that. Also, these are the most securest courier options for the parcels. It normally take 5-6 days on average, once the parcels get dispatched for most of the regions including USA, Canada, Mexico and European Countries. Altogether, it will take four weeks for you too receive your suit at your door.

Q3: How many countries do you currently offer shipping?

We are currently offering Shipping for 147 countries.

Q4: Do you offer a wholesale discount for bulk buying?

Well, you might heard this phrase. "With great power comes great responsibility". We coined it in this way "With great $amount comes great responsibility" SkyEx Suits owe you and absolutely give you a good discount on bulk orders and will take a special care as a responsibility. Please contact David (Customer Support Manager) for bulk order inquiries 


For general inquiries leave us an email. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


SkyEx Team