Quality control

Quality Control, or Q.C for short, is a process by which entities review the quality of all factors involved in production. Quality Control is a process that is used to evaluate the quality of all factors involved in production. Quality Control focuses on three aspects: Quality, Cost and Time. Quality Control also has the ability to do something called "Zero Defects." Zero defects means that no mistakes were made during any part of the process; this ensures high quality products without any flaws.

Quality assurance can provide you with peace of mind as it will allow you to minimize risk and eases the task of Quality Control. Quality assurance is also beneficial because it can be used to minimize waste and maximize profit; this ensures that you are remaining competitive in today’s market. Quality control, therefore, benefits all parties involved as it increases efficiency while minimizing risk for producers, clients and consumers alike.

This approach further places an emphasis on three aspects which are as below:

1. Elements such as controls, management, defined and well managed processes, performance and integrity criteria, and identification of records and trace system.

2. Competence such as knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications.

3. Soft elements, such as organizational culture, motivation, team spirit and quality relationships.

Controls include product inspection, where ever product is examined visually, and often using a special skill to evaluate if the product is upto the mark and standard approved prior to dispatch to the customer's address. Inspectors will be provided with lists and description of product, its sepcifications, size, minute details and and they must be well-equipped with techniqal details of manufacturing process to be capable to find out flaws and defects in a particular product. The quality of the output is at risk if any of these above aspectes are deficient in any way.

Quality control emphasis testing & inspecting of products to uncover defects and furher reporting to the management as well as the production line and aim only to send quality approved products to the customers.

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